5 stars Bargain Rocktile Fatboy II Bass Black

The bass is making definitely hundred euros worth clearly man must man must maintaining top in terms of strings but one can only change the weight of almost ten kilos I find a bit much but otherwise top plays well.


Stylish electric bass in jazz bass style – a part rocking!

Rototiller Bass classic jazz bass outfit

The Rototiller Bass classic jazz bass outfit and beautiful black finish with white pick guard not only looks cool, but also has a lot to offer in terms of sound diversity.

Two separate volume control

With the two separate volume controls enable the two single-coil pickups separately admixed cover and thus different sound variations.

Tone knob

The tone knob you can continue to bring the finest nuances in the sound. The Fatboy II thus covers a broad spectrum from jazzy warm tones to rich rock from effortless.

Attractive design

Black finish
Rototiller jazz style electric bass
Not only the sound match’s, the visual appearance is important in instruments!
Who wants to be with an ugly instrument on stage? Eben, nobody! Therefore the Rototiller Fatboy II is made from high quality wood and painted in elegant black finish.

Chrome Hardware

The chrome hardware gives the instrument by the great processing extra shine – are thus a the attention of fans at the next concert sure!

Chrome Hardware
Attractive design
This bass has been tested by professionals:

“Never before has a bass in this price range as well. He has an Incredible play ability is great in your hand and sounds better than some € 500 bass. The Fatboy II is definitely worth more than it costs!”

I got me this bass purchased from an Amazon voucher I got for my birthday. Was more of a fun purchase. I’ve been playing 20 years less than good (for punk, indie, hardcore Reich) guitar and used to have a time a bass, And old scrapped Fender. The ended up being completely out. Over the years, I then Bass at Recorder easy with my synthesizer or with a bass plug, so recorded about midi keyboard. But now I once again Bock and Fun Bass. So on Sunday ordered the thing. Monday he was already sent and Tuesday at home already. Here kudos to Musicians Kirsten, in whose shop I bought the bass here at Amazon. Fast as it gets.

equal plugged home into USB interface, which has played and Hi-Z input for electric guitars and basses, and even clean. First course voted. Was everything next semitone, but was since his birth in China determined long rum. If this is then so little tune, good prospects for the future: D

Jo, bliss steam more would be great, but hey, this is 70 € splint. So hastily cranked Amplifier and bass amps by heard. And I must say, I like it. I play by the guitar anyway knows what a sound in my head where is it now needs only a little finger exercise again. Simple baselines my favorite songs were once there. So soon practicing again, practice, practice.

The strings are a weak point, but that’s what I expected. Come time Ernie Ball for 25 € on it. Processing looks quite good, for the price I expected worse. Only the frets are down at the ends a little uncomfortable because I will create something Remedy.

All in all a really good part of the price. Sure, is it an old wrecked Fender 10 years ago was a other category, but for me to hunt  Bass line really not and my synth or MIDI keyboard to the sequencer, just right.

+ Shipping, music store Kirsten was great, could not be better, Amazon of course: D
+ Quality (measured at its 70 €!), Surprisingly heavy, paint perfectly fine, tuners, potentiates etc. everything tight (and the pots are made of metal as it looks, would have expected plastic)
+ fun
– Strings (but that’s quickly changed)
– Steam (is just passively), but that sounds by a Ampere (whether hardware or software like Amplifier) improving very different and even better strings again

All in all, worth the money, and if it stays that way (let’s see how vocal Stable the thing remains) I give as smooth 5 star. But a real bass player would naturally turn up their noses. For me, for example, it is just right, again to groove a bit with strings. So he uses apart from the Strat, the SG, the GDR Rumpelstiltskin quite well in WARWICK per Multiple guitar stand.

Good Value JAZZ Bass “MPM”

Certainly not a professional tool, but for the price really OK! Unlike the usual beginner bass he sees more expensive by the black paint like he is. Optimized for school use!


JAZZ Bass “MPM” Brand new arrivals with 2 years warranty Product description Bass: Body: solid alder Neck: maple. Mensur 864 mm Fingerboard: Rosewood. 20 Frets Allen screw in the neck connecting neck / body additionally glued machines: Chrome Pickups: P-Bass P-Bass Pickup Controls: 2 x Volume / 1 x tone Colour: black (glossy) 1 Instrument Cables.

After the reviews are but failed here quite different, I looked at the instrument right after the delivery very thoroughly and could find none of the problems described. The frets are consistent, tuners and neck and paint are perfectly.

He plays well, the potentiometers are set very accurately and can be heard and control the sound of the two different pick-ups significantly.

For the price, it offers more than I had expected as amateur musicians.

I’ve almost scared me when I have given to the bass in order. First, the price was the deciding factor for me. But one day after ordering I was so back a little fresh ideas and then it occurred to me: As yet a crappy Berwertung was it? S .. Quick cancel.
But I let myself be carried away to it and I have to say this bass now for 2 months and I just have to:

Who then also complained of scarce 70 euros, which is part of the spanking!

Honestly? This is something of First World Problem! If you expect a high quality product, then you scroll kindly towards more than 70 euros. This is stingy and frankly even maybe a little stupid.


I had to vote little to not at all the bass so far.
The product was packaged well and arrived without faults in a good time frame.
IT WAS CHEAP! (And I just had to save at the time …).
It makes terribly fun with the bass to practice.

A small point of criticism remains: Sometimes the bass strings buzz. Am amp you do not hear this, however.
On the other hand:
Yesterday I was at Thomann to watch me some bass. It occurred to me a D bass for a mere 2,600 euros in the hand and I have to say these strings have much more geschnarrt than this product for 70 euros.

My conclusion:

Who does not have the big money can buy this bass for getting happy. I know that I will keep this bass at least 2 years – and I hope even longer! There are more expensive basses that offer far less.